Preparation is key to success on final exams

Mikaylah MacDonald, Staff Writer

With finals fast approaching, HEHS students scrambling to prepare and find best practices for ensuring success on exams.

“It’s nerve racking,” says Sunny Trivedi, a senior. With the pandemic just last year many juniors, sophomores, and even seniors are feeling very stressed and overwhelmed.

While juniors and seniors may have taken finals in the past, sophomores have little experience with the experience. But don’t fret just yet, because our seniors have some advice that might help.

“Study a lot, more than you think you need,” says Samad Syed, a senior. “The hardest thing about finals is realizing how much more you have to learn… look at all the topics and make sure you have all the bases covered.”

Finals are two weeks away. Study a little at a time, start backwards, and ask questions in class. These strategies can help students as they prepare for the exams. If students study now, they will be saving themselves a lot of work later on. 

“Personally, I’m more of a last-minute studier,” said Joshua Lim, senior. “Don’t be like me, though.” 

Here are some helpful tips from the HEHS TLT Team:

  • Prepare in advance  
    Procrastination leads to unnecessary stress.  Start studying early and avoid cramming.
  • Make a study plan
    Create a game plan of what you are going to study and when you are going to study.  Block the most time out for your toughest classes.
  • Exercise
    Burn off negative energy by taking a quick walk or jog.  This helps reduce your anxiety and helps you blow off some steam.
  • Eat healthy because brain food is real  
    Eating fiber, fruits and vegetables can help reduce stress.  Avoid excessive caffeine, sugar and high fat foods. 
  • Destress before your test
    If you experience pre-exam butterflies, watch a cute puppy/cat video.  It seems silly, but it has been proven to relieve stress and boost happiness levels.
  • Pop a peppermint in your mouth
    The vapors of the peppermint open your airway and help you take relaxing, deep breaths.

General Test-Taking Tips

  • Matching Questions
    Read all of the items in both columns before making matches.  Start with the ones you know and cross out the choices as you use them.  Make your best guesses for any remaining questions.
  • True/False Questions
    Avoid marking true for statements containing absolute words such as always or never.  Be careful when a statement has a negative in it such as un, in or not as they can completely change the meaning of a statement.
  • Multiple Choice
    Read the question while underlining key words such as except, not or all that may give you clues to the correct answer.  Eliminate all answers that you know are not correct by drawing a line through them.  Or cover all the answer options and try to answer the question; if your answer is one of the options, it’s probably right!  Only change your answer if you know it was wrong.  
  • Essay Questions
    Make sure you understand what the question is asking you.  Budget your time to make a quick outline of your answer to the prompt, to write your essay and to check over your work when done.  
  • Miscellaneous
    Get a good night’s sleep.  Eat a healthy breakfast.   Bring your ID and needed materials.  Wear your mask.  Get to school on time.  Deep a deep breath.  You got this.

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