Shooting towards the future

The HEHS Girls Basketball team is connected on and off the court

Caitlyn Karecki, Staff Writer

The Hoffman Estates Girls Basketball team moves towards a new season with high hopes and goals. 

“All I hope is that each girl on the team grows and improves every year,” said Brad Reibel, Coach. “I don’t worry about having a smaller group of girls, I worry about having the right kids.” 

As the 2022 season begins to slow down, the team reflects on their best achievements and their best moments being on a team during this trifling time. 

“I remember freshman year when I hit a three-pointer against Barrington, and that tied the game. It felt really good to bring the team to that point,” said Ashley Oliver, senior. 

To onlookers who aren’t on the team, it can be seen that the team is very close, not just during games and practice, but outside the court and in life.

“The team dinners were something I always enjoyed,” said Paola Romero, junior manager. “I enjoyed just being able to bond with the girls and create good memories.” 

When asked about the future of the team, everyone was optimistic and hopeful for what was in store. 

“I want to see them thrive,” Romero said. “I want them to be proud of themselves and I want them to feel good after every game. They deserve to feel good when they work this hard.