Dedicated in and out of the pool

HEHS Boys Swimming and Diving team is focused on individual, team improvement

Patricia Nowik , Staff Writer

The boys’ swim/dive team has shown significant improvement, as a whole team as well as in their personal lives. The team has gained each other’s trust, bonded, and encouraged each other to move forward and achieve greater things. 

The importance of a good coach and team is very underestimated but it is the root cause for a successful season. Swim/dive as a sport itself is mentally and physically harsh on these athletes but they continue to come back at the crack of dawn to practice. Why is that? 

“I joined swimming because of the coaches and people, they encourage me and others,” said Juan Lopez, sophomore. The encouragement is what causes these athletes to continue to show up.

“I am most proud of the dedication shown by my athletes that signed up, they showed up to practices on time and worked hard,” said Adam Longo, boys swim/dive head coach. 

Besides dedication and hard work the team has found other more memorable ways to connect. 

The team bonding games in the team room were unforgettable, said Longo. Small moments like these allow this team to succeed and grow in further years.“ My best memory this season was bonding, eating out with the team, and just cheering for my teammates,” said Rayan Akthar, senior. The team’s achievements stem from their bonds with each other and their coaches. 

Commitment, diligence, unbreakable bonds, and great coaching all add up to a remarkable season.