Band offers more than a chance to play an instrument 

Mikaylah MacDonald, Staff Writer

To most band is a group that plays music together; however, to those involved band provides a sense of community.

“What drove me to join band was when I first picked up a trombone,” said Elliot Dunn, junior. “I thought, this is cool! Then, in high school I joined Drumline because of my brother Liam Dunn, and he inspired me to join and jam with him.”

Music is the universal language. Oftentimes it doesn’t matter if one knows the proper words to a song; it’s the mixture of notes that is pleasing to the ear. 

“It’s very satisfying to live through the process of us being introduced to a new piece of music and then being able to preform it for the entertainment of others,” said Melanie Rodriguez-Huerta, junior. “We all put in countless hours of work in school and outside of school to be able to succeed.”

Anyone can pick up an instrument but the level of work put in for even a single piece of music can take days, weeks, months, and in some cases even years. But how does one turn simple noise into something beautiful?

“Community,” said Emma Tomita, junior. “We are privileged to connect and communicate with each other through rhythms and notes, and it’s a experience that could never be defined by a letter grade.”

Community and connection are not just something people need as musicians, but in everyday life. Where would we be as people without the community behind each of us?