The main cause of being tired at school: sleep deprivation

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Alexa Galindo, Staff Writer

Many Hoffman Estates students attend school daily with lack of sleep. The main reason behind this problem is time management and prioritizing what needs to be done. 

“Sometimes, due to procrastination it feels like I’m falling behind on tests and quizzes,” said Holika Nanna, sophomore. 

Nanna is not the only one who feels like this. There are many students who also feel like they’re running out of time based on their lack of time management, which affects how many hours of sleep they get on a daily basis.

“If I don’t procrastinate on my work, I can go to sleep earlier, maybe even 2 hours earlier,” Graciela Navar, sophomore.

These students arrive at school with the need of sleep which affects their school day in many ways. Throughout the day it affects their ability to think and pay attention in every class.

“It affects my focus and thinking during the school day negatively because my mind just focuses on how tired I am and it makes me want to fall asleep,” Veronica Chom, sophomore.

When students attend every class while being tired, they have no intention of paying attention, which affects how much they learn during the class.

Many students sleep less than 6 hours on a school night and more than 10 hours on the weekend. These habits may seem normal; however, it affects them in the long term.

“Normally stress or just other things keep me up, especially with school and stuff. I almost always have stress because I feel like I’m either going to fail something or I’m forgetting something,” Bella Pacyna, sophomore.

Pacyna feels this way because of what happens during her day which then affects her sleep schedule. Her sleep schedule determines her performance at school, and then it’s a never ending cycle. 

The only way to get out of this cycle is to prioritize and manage your time. At first it may seem hard, but it will affect your day for the best.