Stressed Out

There are many causes of stress and ways to overcome it

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Alexa Galindo, Staff Writer

Stress is a feeling we try to avoid. We fear it because it’s scary and we don’t know how to overcome our fear. As we move throughout our lives we face many challenges along the way. Life isn’t easy; however, we can learn how to manage it despite the difficulties we encounter on a daily basis. 

Stress is identified in many words, such as an “Imbalance in mental and physical aspects in someone’s life,” said Franceska Capistrano, sophomore. It’s identified as “Feeling more worried than normal about something, and it’s taking a toll on you”, said Raheela Nayeem, sophomore. Stress is portrayed in many ways; however, we are the ones being affected by it.

There is both good and bad stress that can happen at any given moment. The good stress called Eustress is when it helps you become a better person than before. In other words, Eustress helps you in the long run. On the other hand, the bad stress called distress is when it doesn’t help you but rather wears you down. It affects you in many ways like your mood, ability to concentrate, and physical aspects.

“Not having a balance between my academics and extra curricular activities causes me stress,” said Capistrano, sophomore. She isn’t the only one feeling like this. Many students encounter the difficulties of balancing their daily activities as well as completing everything on time. If it’s not completed we start to get overwhelmed which causes us to stress out.

However, we can try to acknowledge the stress. “I manage stress by targeting the source to try and make it go away. I normally feel really nauseous when I’m really stressed and I’m normally unable to focus or just more distracted,” said Autumn Bourseau, sophomore. 

Feeling this way is normal and natural. The best way to overcome it is by accepting the stress, and then trying to find a way to let it out of your system. 

But, what if we don’t want to fear stress anymore? What if we want to overcome our fear of stress? What steps should we take to get out of this feeling?

The best way to get rid of the fear of stress is to identify the main cause of stress and accept it. Once you have identified the main source of stress, now it’s time to decide how to reduce it.

You can approach stress in many different ways. There are many ways one can approach stress, including taking a walk or setting some time aside for yourself. 

Now that you have identified the stress and found an effective way of coping with it, it’s time to work around the source that causes stress. Creating a schedule can help prioritize what needs to be done. Once this has been established, your stress levels would soon begin to decrease once a routine has been done continuously.

Many students experience stress in many different ways. Whether or not you encounter stress, the best way is to understand how to confront it. Now that you have understood how to get rid of stress. How are you going to confront it?