School spirit on the rise after assembly


Tiffany Burghelea, Staff Writer

After the pep assembly, students felt more connected to the school and enjoyed experiencing the school spirit. 

New dances and special performances from our band, cheer, and pom team made students, especially new students, love and appreciate our school culture. 

“I liked the cheer and poms performance. It was nice to see the school spirit!” said Mila Brady, sophomore. 

The pep assembly hasn’t happened in almost 3 years. This was a great way to refresh the students and remind them why they should love school and interact with the culture. 

“The pep assembly was a great chance to showcase activities that newer students might not have known about… And so, with school spirit I feel like it makes people more excited to be a part of this school community,” said Charlotte Castelan, junior. 

New students might not have known about the Wave or have seen our school sports yet. So, this was a good way to showcase our school chants and dances. By teaching others our school pride, they can be inclined to start going to the football games or participating in clubs and activities. 

“The Cray button was so fun! I liked learning about our school dances and chants. I’m so much more excited for the football game!” said Riya Patel, freshman 

Inclusion was also a big part of the assembly. A new dance that came up was the Cray Button. A fun and new way that students could let loose and cheer. By letting every student learn a new dance, they could feel included by sharing something they had in common.

“It was nice to see and experience school spirit, I feel a lot more included in school now,” said Mahek Syed, freshman. 

Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, school spirit is the one thing that connects all of us and lets us share something we love.