HEHS football games bring team, fans together


Rylee Johnson, Staff Writer

The sun slowly sets on Garber stadium, blazingly bright and powerful. Fans stream into the stands as spirit chants roar through them.

“Fight, fight, fight for Hoffman High!” Everyone is shaking with excitement as the Hawks run out on the field.

“Cheer, cheer, cheer for Hoffman High!” Parents sit with their numbered signs. Orange and blue cheerleaders fly in the air.

“H-O-F-F-F-M-A-N! Gooooooo Hawks!” If you can’t already tell, it’s Friday night at HEHS and game day is about to commence.

The 2022-2023 football season at Hoffman Estates High School is upon us. And for the players it is a community effort. The first game on August 26th was a bit of a disappointment due to electrical issues with the stadium lights forcing the game to be canceled. The makeup game on the following Saturday left a lot of players injured and left the team hurting.

“In the past there have been specific players we could rely on,” said Nate Frank, senior. “But with all the injuries and graduated seniors, nobody is allowed to slack off. We all have to step up.”

While roadblocks come along, they never fully stop the Hawks. Resilience is a quality all players on the team possess. Along with hard work, they also value being a part of a team that is like family. 

“The team is just like a brotherhood,” said Xavier Martinez, junior. “We all hangout with each other and are just like real friends.”

While the sport may feel intimidating, it is a space where everyone is welcome.

“It’s really easy to fit in,” said Kevin Sims, senior. “People like to play it up but we’re all normal guys who like to play the game.”

Part of the reason every player is a great friend or teammate is because of the ideals the program stands on.

“This program really teaches us what it means to be a man,” said Lucas Mytych, senior. “In the four years I’ve been here, I’ve become a more responsible and respectful version of myself. And I thank my coaches for all of that.”

Many players on the team attribute their personal growth to the coaching staff which includes Eric Gdowski, Paul Moersch, Tim Heyse, and Jeff Mandel.

“Our coaches push us every day,” said Sims. “But they [also] truly care and want the best for us.”

Hoffman is extremely lucky to have sponsors that always care and are able to motivate students to put in the effort and hard work. But we’re even luckier that our student section is always there to support.

“Blue Crew is great. They really fuel us on the field,” said Martinez.  “Seeing everyone dress up in school and fill the stands makes us feel so supported.”

Football is a time and place that our community truly values coming together and celebrating. Not exclusive to Hoffman students or parents, but many come out to support and enjoy the festivities.  

“Football season is like one of the best times of the year,” said Adidtiya Shaha, senior. “The themes, the games, and the overall excitement make the school year start off great.”

Shaha is a Blue Crew leader or “Jedi” for Hoffman’s spirit squad along with Maya Schmidt and Anette Orgil. As much as the student body is looking forward to this season, so are the players.

“This season I’m excited for success in conference,” said Stephon Stellers, junior. “We’ve all been working hard and are ready to see the playoffs.”

The sport has just started but everyone is engaged. Don’t forget to support your Hawks on the field and never forget: Tough People Win!