Boys cross country prospers 

Patricia Nowik, Staff Writer

The HEHS boys cross country team has once again shown great progress, through hard work, dedication, and encouragement. 

Even though setbacks are inevitable, with each one comes a new perspective. Although winning is nice, it’s not the most important thing.

“We are looking to show progress throughout the season, getting faster every meet and practice even,” said Coach Emilio Saraga. Saraga emphasized the importance of looking past the numbers and instead looking at personal progress throughout the season. 

These runners have done exactly that. They succeed every day, and every practice brings them one step closer to their goals. They are committed to running with and for their team, whether that be running through the scorching heat or after a long day.

“It’s hard work,” said Saraga. “It brings us closer together, creates traditions, and memories.” This will ultimately help the runners advance, he added. 

The success of the runners stems from not only themselves but their team members.

Every day these runners persevere through ups and down, both mentally and physically, therefore having a support team nearby is beyond critical. 

“We are like a pack, ” said Cole Faulknur, junior.

This team is a family and a big part of that is team building and ” the little moment that speaks to the culture of our team,”  whether that be picking up trash together after meets or the whole team hanging out further creating a family dynamic, Saraga said.

This team runs off of not only encouragement and hard work but pride.  “Coach tells us to take pride in what we do,” said Noah Roberts, junior. Pride, in addition to many other factors, allows for confidence to grow and will help the runners “recognize their unlocked potential,” added Coach Vito Anzalone. comments.