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The key to getting a scholarship is knowing where to look


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Gio Arceo, Staff Writer

College affordability is a problem that most students will have to deal with when the time comes. It’s an issue that causes many young adults to skip college and leave a bright future behind them, but what many of those students missed was the golden opportunity of college scholarships.

What seems to push students back is themselves. They know that they have opportunities but it looks like they just never allow themselves to push for that information.

“The main problem I hear students having is applying themselves to push for these scholarships, they’ll hear the announcements for times they could learn but many of them seem to put it off usually until it’s too late,” said Patrick Evans, college and career guidance counselor.

One of the biggest issues for students is finding easy ways to scavenge information during their busy lives. For students who have jobs, extracurriculars, and school work, finding a window of time can be challenging, leaving them out of the know about scholarships and information that can help them get to college to pursue their dreams.

There are plenty of routes students can take to gain extra guidance for their education. On the Hoffman Schoology there are links that students can use to explore and gather more information about scholarships. Another space to seek information is, this website is really helpful and makes the journey easy. The website has a simple navigation system, giving any overwhelmed student a smooth sailing experience.

Another dilemma students face is knowing when to start looking at scholarships. A majority of students will look into scholarships in their senior year and notice they don’t qualify for many scholarships. A recommended time to start searching is in your second and third year of high school.

“I believe sophomore-junior year is when students should really start looking into scholarships,” said Natalie Tindle, English teacher.

Looking at scholarships when you’re in your early years of high school allows you to scout out any scholarships you may want to apply for. Perhaps a school you like gives out a scholarship you don’t qualify for, but because you researched it early on you can work to gain those qualifications.

When writing a scholarship application it is not only important to show your academic success but also your values. Allowing colleges to see into your life gives them an opportunity to connect and communicate with you.

“When writing an application it is important to highlight your personality, letting colleges know you through on a personal level gives them insight on the students you are and what you will become,” said Tindle.