Extended tutoring offered after school during finals week

Nivedhaa Naresh Kumar, Staff Writer

As the end of the semester comes to a close, final exams are just over a week away. Students may begin to feel overwhelmed and anxious with their workload, burdened with the fact that they also have to prepare for exams.

But, fear not, HEHS is opening their media center from 3-8 p.m. everyday this week excluding Friday, and from 12:30-2:30 p.m. during finals week. Math, English and Science tutoring will be conducted everyday, with World Language on Tuesday and Wednesday. Tutoring will be available to all students, and it is advised that students reach out to their respective teachers on their availability as well.

“The extended hours were an efficient way for my friends and I to get productive. With tutoring readily available, we would just help from our teachers whenever we had a question that came up in the middle of studying,” said Himani Patel, senior.

Students can take advantage of the extended hours in the media center to study in a quiet environment, and with their peers as well.