HEHS students compete in architectural competition


Sarah You placed second place in the competition.

Maddy Bell, Staff Writer

Annually, Hoffman Estates High School participates in a district-wide architectural competition in
which two students who are in an architecture design class from each school in District 211 are
selected to compete with their house designs.

The first place winner gets their house design actually built by a construction class. The concept is that the house plan is designed by students then also built by students, embracing student independence and a sense of collaboration.

The goal is to design a house which fits the needs required of the lot being built upon. The competitors have to incorporate many varying concepts such as a floor plan and both interior and exterior layouts. Creating a blueprint takes a lot of concentration and requires attention to detail.

The process began with ten students at HEHS who were selected with the top designs. The HEHS staff members then voted on the top two house designs. Those two finalists, Sarah You and Christopher Corral, competed in the district competition.

All of the competitors put a lot of time and effort into designing their houses. You estimated that she spent about thirty hours making her design over the course of four weeks. Her immense dedication proved worth it when she was awarded second place in the entire district.

“I was very anxious the whole time because I had to wait to go 10th,” said You. Her house layout involved an “open” floor plan and many other practical components.

“At the end of this, I can say that it was an extremely amazing and important experience for me,” said Corral, “it just shows what you can do if you truly try to stay focused.”