Girls basketball team build skills, tight-knit bonds


Maddy Bell, Staff Writer

The girls basketball team at Hoffman Estates High School is greater than just the game of basketball. The team has created a tight-knit environment and learned values from one another throughout the season.

In terms of playing, the girls know when to put on their game faces and give it their best effort.

“I feel like we’ve had our ups and downs,” said Molly Cochran, senior.

The girls have done more than just play basketball, though. From their time on the team, they have acquired valuable skills and morals.

“This season, beyond just playing basketball, we’ve learned a lot of life lessons,” said Rhia Thakkar, senior. “We can take what we learned this year and apply it in real life.”

The players have also created a strong team connection.

“We have had a really good bond, and I feel very close with everyone,” said Cochran.

Not only has the team embraced a family-like atmosphere, they’ve given it their all while out on the court. Throughout the entirety of this season, the girls have shown consistent perseverance and dedication to their team.

“We hope to end this season on a high note and just make the most of the time we have with all of the seniors on the team,” said Thakkar.

Although the seniors are disappointed that their high school basketball career is approaching an
end, they are hopeful that the future teams at HEHS are successful.

“We’re going to try our best to shape the program the way we want it to go forward in the future,” said Cochran.