Athletes attend conditioning sessions to prepare for spring season

Julia Wozniak, Staff Writer

The HEHS athletic department is constantly bustling with athletes and coaches, especially during this time of year. Our athletes take their sports very seriously. That entails attending practices or games, practicing on your own time and being held accountable from your team. But what do athletes do during their off-season? 

Conditioning. Athletes continuously work to keep their bodies in shape to be ready for their approaching season.  It is important to stay fit year round, whatever sport you take part in. 

“It is full-on practice just as it would be during the season,” said Maddy Bell, sophomore. Bell currently is attending open gyms for her upcoming lacrosse season. 

Off-season conditioning and open gyms include agility, cardio, strength training and workouts to prepare you for what being a part of the sport will look like. 

Off-season workouts are also very helpful to the coaches. When running practices, coaches pay attention to who is committed, who works hard and who is dedicated.

On another note, open gyms help you get to know your future teammates too. 

“Open gyms give you the opportunity to build friendships and improve together,” said Emily Kalata, freshman. 

Overall, student athletes here at HEHS continue to strive during their season and throughout the whole year in general. As many seasons come to an end and many begin, we look forward to seeing what is in store for our spring sports and the success that is to come.