Cell hotels promoting productivity, focus


Image courtesy of Pixabay.com

Alexa Galindo, Staff Writer

At the beginning of the school year, the cell phone policy was reinforced in both English and Science classrooms. But, now the cell phone policy has been implemented throughout every classroom in order to emphasize order and focus throughout the school.

Brittany Berleman, assistant principal, initiated the cell phone policy throughout our school after acknowledging the benefits it holds.

“The goal of the cell phone practice is to create a productive classroom while developing social / work skills in relation to cell phone use,” said Berleman.

The cell phone policy was altered to an entire school regulation, due to the impact it holds towards student academic success.

“[The] majority of time there is focus and it helps a lot with the classroom environment,” said Caitlyn Karecki, senior. Not only does the policy help students prioritize their school work, but it also is helping some students develop time management skills.

The cell phone policy was established as a routine for students as they enter each classroom; however, it’s a beneficial value that will impact students’ work ethic, long term. These policies are necessary to control students into not being tempted to check social media.

“The practice also takes away any temptation to check social media which sometimes causes distress to our students,” said Berleman.

But, it varies from person to person. “Depends on the person whether they need to use the policy,” said Maddy Bell, sophomore. Not only does it vary for each student, but it establishes an incentive.

 “Students want to get their phones back, so they are working harder on the assignments to get them done in a timely fashion,” said Engles. By incorporating these small changes in students’ routine, it will create a change that will impact them on a long-term basis.