HEHS boy basketball have bonds beyond court


Maddy Bell, Staff Writer

An end of a sports season can bring mixed feelings; it also can be the best time to reflect on what has been gained.

Approaching the end of the winters sports season, the HEHS boys basketball team reflects on the past season.

“This season has been a series of ups and downs, but I wouldn’t want it any other way because it made us stronger in the process,” said Nate Frank, Senior.

The boys have formed close bonds with one another which has enhanced their performance on the court.

“I’ve made life-long brothers and I’m grateful for that,” said DJ Wallace, senior. Not only did this season provide the players a chance to strengthen friendships with teammates, but also an opportunity to show constant effort in their playing.

“I had so much fun competing and working against different teams and getting better every time,” said Eugene Sohn.

They always pushed each other to improve and consistently showed immense dedication to their sport throughout the season.

“This season wasn’t perfect,” said Kevin Sim, “but it will be greatly memorable in the best way possible.”