Boys volleyball commits to achieving on the court and in the classroom


Kuba Scigalski, Staff Writer

The HEHS boys volleyball team has made a commitment to academic excellence this year.  

“[Our] program takes a holistic approach, and we want our athletes to be successful both on the court and in the classroom,” said Nicole Brennan, freshman coach.

The team has excellent grades, as the average unweighted GPA for the Varsity BVB program is a 3.5, and the average weighted GPA for the Varsity BVB program is a 3.98.

“I believe that being a great student makes you a better athlete,” said Jay Ryan Cuartero, varsity team. “The discipline required to hold a high GPA is reflected in a student-athlete’s athletic performance.” 

It is expected that the push to preserve high grades only comes from coaches. But, in the boys volleyball program, one of the lead pushes in the direction of the prioritization of academics comes from the varsity captain.

“Being a captain means I have to also be a leader,” said Denny Filipov, varsity captain. “I believe that if I help push the team to accomplish their goals, whether it be academically or athletically, they’ll prepare themselves for whatever they want to accomplish.”

Denny Filipov is motivated athletically and academically.

While the team has shown great success in their academic and athletic careers, maintaining a high GPA, along with being an athlete does create challenges.

It’s sometimes stressful keeping up with school along with doing volleyball. I often find myself struggling to finish my homework after practices and games,” said Brendon Gallardo, varsity team.

Many members of the program have felt that the push for higher academics has helped them achieve better grades.

“I like that they make grades a priority. It gives me motivation to finish my work, even if I’m tired,” said Spencer Cruz, varsity team.