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Hi, my name is Kuba, and I am a staff editor for the Hawkeye View! I’m a speech captain for our speech team, a member of the Hoffman Volleyball team, and an avid smoothie maker (yes I am passionate about...

Girls cross country perseveres through finish line with unbreakable bonds


The girls cross country team is better than ever with their undeniable bond and incredible work ethic. 

“Just being around the team. This team, like I said, is super amazing. Very uplifting, everyone, no matter if they’re having a bad day or good day, they always encourage everyone else,” said Amery Glim, freshman.  

This team is so tight knit; it was as if they were their own little family. Because they are so close, Coach Matt Ihms was really looking forward to this season. 

“We are a much stronger team than we were last year, so I’m really excited to see how we do against teams like Schaumburg, Palatine and Fremd,” said Ihms. 

Girls Cross Country has an amazing team and an incredible bond. However, this sport is not just about making friends. It’s about the time and dedication that this team has put into doing what they love. 

“Everyone thinks that it’s like really easy but it’s like 90% mental,” said Emilia Kadlec, freshman. 

Amery elaborates further on the mental aspect.

“Anyone can train their body to be great, but, their mind, you really have to have the mindset to run, so I make sure to prioritize my mental health,” said Amery. 

Julia Les, freshman, acknowledges this aspect as well. 

“We know that we are physically capable of doing the things that we do, but it’s all in your head, so you just have to overcome all the voices in your head telling you to stop,” said Les. 



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