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Finding balance

Life can be busy, so making a plan can be helpful

It is no secret that school brings a myriad of problems, but it also brings opportunities to the table for both teachers and students. During their teenage years, many high school students have to juggle maintaining a good GPA, being involved in extracurricular activities, dealing with college applications, maintaining friendships, all while also trying to take care of themselves.

All of that is done by students to secure a good future for themselves. But it is true that many find themselves to be overwhelmed by everything on their plate, so a handful of high school students have been interviewed for their thoughts and tips on how to maintaining a life balance. 

“I feel really organized. I feel like my life is more put together now and that I actually have something to do. I actually really look forward to practice because it’s something I get to do outside of school instead of just being stuck inside the building. And I get to meet new people and I feel like our team is really nice,” says Aminah Quadri, sophomore.

Quadri said she works hard to maintain balance when juggling school work and tennis. 

School can give people a sense of accomplishment and belonging. Being involved in extracurriculars nourishes brains and creates more opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals. It can push people to try new things that they wouldn’t be able to do before. 

“I think it benefits the balance by giving me something to work on and keep me busy. It gives me something to maintain, similar to how a job would be in the future,” said Inaaya Jalal, sophomore. “Building a schedule and maintaining it by using school as a base to build from is like practice for life after school. School also gives a social aspect to interact with people, and allows me to discover what I want to do and what extracurriculars are right for me.”  

It’s true that school is a stepping stone towards adult life. All the preparation that students spend time making to anticipate future obstacles will aid them in problem solving skills in adulthood. School also helps students realize their potential and find potential future career paths. 

When asked for tips on how to manage school activities, Sophomore Mylee Montgomery said it is helpful to create a plan.

“It’s best to map out your schedule and the way you split things up for upcoming events, whether that be with a calendar, a planner, or something else. It’s about what works best for you and the goals you want to achieve,” said Montgomery.

Utilizing a planner, a to-do list, a calendar, or anything else to hold deadlines and tasks frees up room in students’ minds for more important things and keeps them from feeling overwhelmed. School can and has been stressful, so it is essential to take time to build a balance in one’s life by remembering to take care of one’s self and spend time with those they love. 

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