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Mind your mind

Choose wellness because you matter
Image courtesy of Pixabay.com

The mind is the body’s most powerful tool, and mental wellness can help you navigate all of life’s joys and challenges. While we all may know how powerfully positive the mind can be, there are times when people have struggles that impact their overall wellness.

Although it can be uncomfortable to discuss mental distress, whether one is anxious or depressed, it is important to discuss the topic. Being uncomfortable is not bad. Becoming more comfortable having uncomfortable conversations can be the best way to jumpstart your individual growth.

“Take one day at a time,” said Laniah Ward, senior. “You don’t have to tackle the world every day. Deal with what’s on your plate first.”

It is not uncommon for people to believe they are alone when they are in the midst of despair. When we start to share our struggles with others, we learn that we are a part of a larger community of individuals who may have dealt with similar challenges.

“Don’t be afraid to be sad,” said Teagan Sterricker, junior. Allow your body to communicate.”

Being sad actually is somewhat important. Although it may sound unnatural, being sad can help us identify what is wrong and cope with difficult experiences.

Be gentle with yourself because you’re doing the best you can. Stop worrying about if people understand you, and make sure you understand yourself. You have to live in your body forever and no one else does. You only get one body, so it is vital to take care of it.

I think people get so afraid of losing the bonds that they have with others they forget to be afraid of losing that important bond within themselves. We tend to become blinded to our own problems when we only focus on fixing others. Don’t lose yourself in order to hold on to someone else. It is okay to be selfish when it comes down to your emotional, physical, and mental well being.

“Life’s challenges aren’t supposed to drag you down, but rather help you figure out who you are,” said Xavier Martinez, senior.

We sometimes forget to congratulate ourselves for the things we do to keep showing up for ourselves everyday.
Mental wellbeing is what we all should try to focus on. Mental wellness is such a good target to work towards because it brings satisfaction in life and gives us a chance to admire our sense of purpose.

“Treat yourself like someone you’re responsible for,” said Ward. Our mental, physical, financial, spiritual, environmental and vocational well being are all our partners, so when one of them is off track it will soon affect the others. Furthermore, it is very important that we listen to ourselves.

Take yourself seriously, and heal yourself. Your bad nights do not define you; your flaws do not define you; your mistakes do not define you. Do not move at someone else’s pace, move at your own. Don’t be ashamed when you face adversity.  We all have been there. Allow yourself to feel and stay focused. You matter.








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