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HEHS golfer gets a hole in one


Bruce Okada is a junior varsity golfer on the Hoffman Estates High School golf team. Recently, Okada achieved a very rare hole in one. The probability of a non-professional golfer getting a hole in one is about 12,500 in 1, and the odds exponentially decrease per 200-yards. 

Okada is a sophomore at HEHS and has been playing golf since the summer of his freshman year. The golf team allowed him to meet new people and learn about a new sport.

I started to play golf because my dad suggested that I do it,” said Okada. “It’s a really fun sport to play and it’s a good way to bond with people. Me and my dad started to golf out of state and stuff and I’ve met so many people because of golf both in high school and out of school.”

According to Okada, a hole in one is not something you train for during  practice. It’s just the byproduct of hard work and a little bit of luck. Due to the probability of getting a hole in one, any non golfer can tell how momentous a hole in one is. 

The amount of precision and skill it takes to get a ball in a hole hundreds of meters away is surprising. Getting it in the hole on the first try is seen as impressive, for not only a golf fan, but also the golfer.          

“My immediate reaction was like an ‘oh my gosh’ when I realized it made it in. But at first I knew it was a good shot,” said Okada. “I thought it was short to the pin but it kept rolling in from what my coach said.”

Okada’s hole in one represents the amount of hard work and luck it takes to play golf.

“It’s pretty hard to get a hole one I’d say, it’s a mixture of luck and skill in my opinion,” said Okada




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