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Hey! My name is Gaby Antury, and I’m a sophomore. In addition to being a writer for the Hawkeye View newspaper, I am an avid reader and music listener. I’m very passionate about my pets, as well as...

    Homecoming Court Spotlight: David Balase


    Q: Why are you excited to be on homecoming court?
    A: I’m excited to be on the homecoming court because during my sophomore and junior year, I would see my upperclassman friends on the homecoming court so it inspired me to want to be on the court and it happened so I’m excited to encourage and influence others to get to participate when they get the chance.

    Q: What activities are you involved in?
    A: I am involved in varsity soccer and have been for the last 3 years.

    Q: Who is the most important person in your life, and why?
    A: God is the most important person in my life. Only He has done everything in my life and I’m so grateful for everything He has done.

    Q: Why should people vote for you for homecoming?
    People should vote for me because to be a honoree means much more to me than my time at Hoffman Estates High School. Carrying the family name “Balase” to success means a lot to and the expectation of me to not only help influence my family but to also help influence friends and peers around me.

    Q: What is one life lesson school has taught you?
    A: School has taught me that time management and sleep are some of the most important things in life. Proper time management can lead to freedom and more sleep which helps the mind and body feel good.

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