A basketball season to remember


Anand Krishnan, Staff Writer

In these COVID-19 times where everyone has had to adapt to unique circumstances, the HEHS boys basketball team has also had to adapt to be able to play the game they love.

“This COVID season is kind of tough,” said Luka Sparavalo, junior. “This basketball season is different from pre-COVID because we have more conference games in a week.”

The new protocols such as wearing masks and no jump balls don’t just apply to games. They apply to practices as well. Practices are two hours long, and according to Mike Vuckovic, junior, starting Varsity point guard, they feel “very rushed with a lot of high intensity and competitiveness.”

Sparavalo agrees. “You’re given a short time frame and you have to complete certain criteria or plays, exercises for the development of the team and yourself,” he said. “So, there’s a bit of pressure since you don’t get enough time to prep.”

Despite the challenges, this special season has still provided some great memories for the Hawks.

“It’s just fun to play basketball. You’re given the chance to play it after long months of quarantine, so it’s a great experience to be out there,” said Sparavalo.

Vuckovic’s favorite part of the season was being able to play on the Varsity team. “Varsity is way better than [other levels] because it’s way more competitive,” he said. “Your name is out there more, and they write [stories] about you and the stats. A lot of kids, when they’re younger, they tell you to wait for Varsity. We’re at it right now.”

Sparavalo and Vuckovic both agreed that a highlight of the season was their 65-62 win over Conant. “It was a great win. A lot of our top guys were showing up and we hit a lot of key shots — 3’s. Almost everybody scored that game, and it was a big win for us,” said Sparavalo.

This strange season has also provided plenty of opportunities for growth and development. Sparavalo and Vuckovic said that they have grown as both people and players through this experience.

“I grew as a player and I saw my weaknesses. This season helped me continue to develop,” said Sparavalo.

Watch the Hawks’ victory over Conant here: