To be or not to be happy

Happiness is not guaranteed; we must choose it

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Alexa Galindo, Staff Writer

Eudaimonia, Aristotle’s word for happiness means the condition of human flourishing or living well. However, according to the Oxford English dictionary, happiness is the state of pleasurable contentment of mind; deep pleasure in or contentment with one’s circumstances.

This embodies the concept that there is not a concise statement that defines happiness. Instead, happiness is whatever one chooses it to be.

“Happiness is personal growth and being content with what you have currently”, said Isabella Ocampo, Junior. 

Happiness is something that should make someone content in any possible way, depending on their personal beliefs. Although some people try to be happy most of the time, sometimes life gets challenging and the best way to feel better is to disconnect from daily routines. 

“When I am feeling down, I listen to music and just take a break and don’t really talk to anyone. I try to figure out the problems on my own,” said Bianca Baack, senior. 

Life may get challenging along the way, but that shouldn’t impact the continuity of their daily routines.

“Achieving happiness is hard but when you’re persistent with it, it goes a long way,” said Leidy Bonilla, junior. 

In order to be happier in life, one must be willing to develop self efficacy by learning to grow, change, and adapt through the difficulties in life. 

Anyone can achieve their desired happiness; however, it all comes down to one’s desire to overcome those obstacles and live a more enjoyable lifestyle.