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Boys soccer expands roster, grabs first place tournament win


One of the fast growing sports at Hoffman High School has been boys soccer. Its highly competitive roots, and fast gameplay has led to lots of competition on who makes the roster this season. 

The head coach of the varsity team was excited for the soccer season before it even started. 

“It led to more competition, to make the varsity this year was a lot more of a challenge then years past, and to make all of the teams. You know, knowing that there’s something at stake brings the best out of individuals, cause they have to rise to a challenge,” said Sean Armstrong, head coach.

The team’s record so far this season is 5-3-3. With a first place tournament win under their belt, the boys soccer team has gotten off to a successful start.

Having high tryout numbers pushed the returning players, and the new players to the limit. It allowed the coaching staff to pick the best players for the team. There is a saying by Thomas Reid, “You are only as strong as your weakest link.” The high tryout numbers enabled the team to have one of their strongest rosters ever. 

For returning players it can be hard for them to adapt to new playing styles. Adapting to any new dynamic can be challenging, but if teammates can work together, they will be successful. 

“At first [it was difficult], but this year’s team it’s easier cause everyone’s got better chemistry and as long as everyone gets along it’s going to be easier to learn each other’s play styles,” said Captain Daniel Cabrera Hernandez, senior.

This was a common theme when talking to our players about the changes they had to make when playing with new people. Most found it difficult at first, but because of the environment Armstrong and Coach Jeff Bird create, the players find it to be easier. 

“When I first started in my freshman year with Coach Armstrong I felt very safe, and comfortable with the players, and they were all very welcoming. And I feel like every year since we have tried our best, to make it welcoming to the players,” said Carlos Cotonieto, senior.

The players learn a lot from the diversity of the team. It helps them grow as players; being able to adapt to new people is a skill that they have learned. 

“Yes it was extremely hard. Everyone has a different playing style, every team has a different playing style, and every coach has a different playing style,” said David Blasic, senior. “But that’s just what made me a better player, to get used to so many different playing styles, created me, and created the versatile player I am.” 

The new players give the team the opportunity to grow and learn. They allow the team to develop new and creative ways to play the games. They bring excitement to the team, and they bring a whole new way to play. All the players have to do is to put their time and effort into making it work. 

“It’s obviously going to take time and [the opportunity to] practice together to get that connection as a team and communicate and control the game with each other,” said Captain Angel Hernandez, senior.

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