Frosh Views: Class of ’26 introduced to HEHS traditions


Hawkeye View Staff, Reporters

The Class of 2026 is experiencing HEHS with fresh eyes, bringing fresh perspectives to a new school year. Frosh members of the school reflect on the first school assembly in this first installment of a feaure series called Frosh Views.

“For me, the highlight of the assembly was when the flag team came out, and the cheer team started doing their routine. It added a new level of energy to the crowd and made us more interested,” said Andrea Ocampo, ’26.

“I liked the cheerleaders. They really showed off the school spirit,” said Marien Sharba, ’26. “They really inspired me to be more involved with school activities and extracurriculars.”

“I think it was a great assembly- the amount of students there was tremendous,” said Saud Khan, ’26.”I enjoyed the chanting along with the drumming. I also found the band to be thoroughly enjoyable, I think they did a great job with their performance. Auditory heaven.”