The game of water polo

HEHS Boy’s Water Polo Team brings strength, dedication to every competition.

Blake Aguilar Guerrero, Staff Writer

Boys’ Water Polo is more than just a strenuous sport involving strong lungs and team effort; this sport demands that each individual swimmer is communicating constantly. Water Polo challenges its players to work hard, swim fast, and have tons of fun while doing so.

“It’s great fighting alongside my fellow teammates when we are all trying our hardest to get better,” said Dylan Kozlick, senior. Like many of the other swimmers, Kozlick has dedicated hours of each week towards improving his skills and refining his expertise, so that he can help the team advance towards their next battles.

In addition, Sammy Shariez, another senior here at HEHS, proudly claimed  that one of his “favorite experiences” was being able to play and learn the art of “the amazing game that is Water Polo.”

The dedicated efforts of the players has allowed the HEHS Water Polo Team to flourish into the incredible team that it is today.

“Water Polo was special to me this year because it was my first year getting into aquatic sports. The love and support of my teammates made me appreciate the season and my growth throughout-it was memorable,” said Taha Mahmood, junior.