Practice makes perfect

The HEHS boys’ gymnastics team faced challenges as a team and a family.

Shyne Alvaro, Staff Writer

Back flips. Front flips. Rings. A pommel horse. And all manners of strength and flexibility. Boys’ gymnastics is always a sight to behold with all the tricks and stunts that they perform on the floor or in midair.

While their events may seem flawless, none of this is possible without their practice day to day. Not only can the coaches attest to this, but the gymnasts as well.

“This year contained a lot of hardships, obstacles, and growing pains that we had to endure. But overcoming all of that is what made it more memorable and is what brought our brotherhood closer together,” said Saagar Patel, junior.

Through long hours of practice and coming home late after a difficult meet, the boys’ gymnastics team can always rely on one another to make sure that their hard work is not overlooked.

“The one thing that has made gymnastics so memorable and special is my team. I was able to make many friends and bonds that I will never forget,” said R.J. Webster, senior. “Gymnastics has overall shaped me into a better person and leader.”